Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Happened to visit my hometown during last Pongal. Rangoli competetions were being held all over and I kept reading about them all on the news papers. It reminded me of my childhood days where we used to enjoy creating nice, colorful and big Rangolis, staying up late in nights. It has been nearly 8 yrs that I shifted to city and completely got out of the habit of painting Rangolis.  I felt tempted to participate in the competetion, not for the sake of winning, but just for the fun of painting Rangoli. The Rangoli theme was regarding some message communication to the community. What else can I think of being a CSR member? Green, Eco balance and my immediate reflection went on saving trees..
I was so overwhelmed by the outcome, though I had body pains for the next two days. That doesnt stop me from participating in another competetion:

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