Thursday, June 21, 2012

Featured Crafts #3

Great friends win great gifts. I believe, birthday is a special day to show one how much we love them, though on  normal busy days, we may not find time to greet them atleast. I wanted to gift something very special which he would love and which he cant get from anyone else and that lead to this craft preparation.
The paper cutting involved much effort as the picture size I chose is small and the detail included is very high that I had to be very careful and concentrated while cutting the paper and it took a great amount of time to finish. And for framing I used thermacol sheet which is covered with white paper. And finally I felt all my efforts were worth spending as he liked the present. 

Featured Crafts #2

Featured Crafts #1

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Rangoli done on the Inauguration day of our company's new campus

Progress of my 3D Clay Painting

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recylcing - Paper Art

It was the summer time and the schools are about to start. Various schools started advertising by distributing pamphlets. One lazy guy just dumped a bulk of pamphlets into my house. I wanted to do something worthy out of them, instead of throwing them into dustbin.

This is the reference model I browsed on a craft website. Couldnt list the website as its been a while that I downloaded the pictures and saved them on my disk. I like the color combination used here.

Recycling - Paper purse

As part of our CSR's initiative on behalf of my company, we decided to do an activity - "Art out of waste", creating recycled and useful items from almost anything that is considered waste. I wanted to prepare as many items as possible to show the employees the many wonderful ways in which a waste paper can be re-used. I started preparing this purse from our old company magazine. The magazine interestingly had the header and footer section in green, blue and white colors. I cut just that portion and used the strips for the purse preparation. Various tutorials are available online on 'how-to-prepare' Candy-wrapper purses and many varieties of purses/bags/clutches/wallets made from old plastic bags/candy wrappers etc.,
Here's my version :

Here's my model/reference :

Plastic Canvas

Plastic-canvas is a fun, popular form of needle crafting. Plastic-canvas crafts are easy to make and are great for beginner crafters. This is on my To-do list and I already collected some patterns from various craft sites which give me enough inspiration to kick start. Only question is where to procure that. I played well with plastic-canvas, in my childhood days, when I created purses and some sceneries done on them. The work is similar to matti work, which I posted earlier. But only the medium differs and we can make 3D structures out of the plastic-canvas due to its plasticity and it allows one to mould it to an extent. Sharing some pictures here. Would definitely share my work some time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My 3D clay paintings - still under progress

The painting in its infant stage : Base is done with paper mache
After a few days of work: Paper mache covered with POP adding more details


Another painting that caught my attention exhibited at the institute where I am learning Clay painting:


Happened to visit my hometown during last Pongal. Rangoli competetions were being held all over and I kept reading about them all on the news papers. It reminded me of my childhood days where we used to enjoy creating nice, colorful and big Rangolis, staying up late in nights. It has been nearly 8 yrs that I shifted to city and completely got out of the habit of painting Rangolis.  I felt tempted to participate in the competetion, not for the sake of winning, but just for the fun of painting Rangoli. The Rangoli theme was regarding some message communication to the community. What else can I think of being a CSR member? Green, Eco balance and my immediate reflection went on saving trees..
I was so overwhelmed by the outcome, though I had body pains for the next two days. That doesnt stop me from participating in another competetion:

Kusudama Fun

I was baby sitting one fine day .The li'l ones enjoyed crafting and wanted to learn flower making from me. Kusudama flower making is very simple that the kids can learn easily. I was impressed by their interest and patience to learn such things at that tender age.
Here's the outcome :