Wednesday, December 31, 2014


It's the winter time around and we usually like to have some snacks in the evening. I tried my hand on various dishes. Here are a few:
Vegetable Cutlets


Fish Cutlets

Chicken manchurian

Microwave cake with Oreo biscuits

Chicken popcorn

Gobi Manchurian

sajja boorelu

ragi boorelu

Spinach corn chips

Salt and Spicy chips


Bread upma



Kobbari Undalu


Party Decoration - Tissue paper Pom Pom Flowers

We decided to celebrate DS's birthday party just one day before and I am hardly left with time to go buy decoration items amidst all the dinner arrangements and packing return gifts. Hence I decided on using the scrap items for decoration which I already had lying waste for years. Kept the decoration very simple with a few ribbons and photo frames. However I felt the center portion was very empty and filled it up using these tissue paper pom pom flowers. Usually these pom pom flowers may be used as a hanging centerpieces but I just used half part of it and stuck to the wall to complete the decoration.
Here's the picture:

Top Makeover for a photo session

We were planning for a photo session at GlamourShots and I picked up three attires for all three of us.  I wanted to have the matching attires for each one of us. DH and DS have their traditional attires that exactly match together. I do not have anything that even nearly matches theirs. I remember I had an old top which I havent used for years but saved it just because I like it very much. It occured to me that I can makeover that top to match with that of DH and DS's. I just had a few hours before the photo session and I managed to embroider the top with the color that goes well. The final photo came out wonderful.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Dress Makeover

My DS had a white kurta which he wore a no.of times and I wanted to have something new for him but couldnt manage to get one . So I decided on a makeover of the old one for a new look. I embroidered the kurta at random places while picking up the Indian flag colors to appear patriotic.


Jai Hind


Cradle Decoration

Here's our kiddo at his first month during the cradle ceremony. Decorated the swing with tissue paper flowers.