Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soap Flowers

"Soap Flowers ? ", is the exclamation I made when I first saw them done by my sister. I wondered whether she took the soap bars and carved these flowers from it. When at childhood, we used to collect small pieces of chalk left over and used to carve them into some alphabets or some images.While I was inquiring my mom how she could have done it, she arrived and to my surprise told me the process that they are made from Soap turned into powder. Oh, so how can they retain their shape they are moulded into? Add a little bit of water, and few pinches of starch powder will do the effect..that makes it compact and let not the moulded flowers fall out of their shape when dried. I so liked them that I wanted to make them and started collecting different colored soaps.
Here they go !!

For the flowers, first made small balls and moulded them into petal shape. Inserted a small ball on the tip of wire and joined three petals together around the wire to form a flower. For  leaves, to add more effect, I made small impressions of viens using a smal stick. And the basket is made from paper mache. I covered it with soap too..

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