Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last time, while I was travelling, my cousin came to see me off at the airport. We both had to hurry off that day and he couldnt buy anything for me. And last minute at the airport, he took out 1re and 2re coins from his pocket, pointed out to the hand gesture imprinted on them, 'One Thumb Up' on one and 'Two fingers pointed out in a V-shape' on the other. He gifted them to me and he is so witty to explain that they denote 'all is well' and 'victory' and he wishes me a successful and safe trip.
Hmm..Isn't it clever? I liked the way he implied the gestures to my trip.

So the next time, when you have no time to buy gifts, just think of this idea as Money is always available in smaller or higher denominations. Wouldnt it be great if we can turn them into something fascinating using Origami?

Here are some ideas ..

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